Repairing our pool!

lHello FOHA Families!

As many of you may have noticed, the liner has been removed!  You can find a video of the work in progress here.   We have a contractor coming in to repair the cracks in the pool. He would like to do this in the next few weeks while the weather is good.

We have started a capital campaign to raise money for these repairs. Thank you all who came out last weekend to help remove the liner and participate in the basket sale! Our community is amazing and I know we can work together to make the pool great again!


Any family that donates $100 or more will get their name displayed at the pool! Your donation is also tax deductible!

We will also be going around to business asking for their support. In return those business will get a banner displayed at the pool.

If you know of any businesses that would be willing to donate please let us know. We have different options for donations.

Anyone that is willing to help out with mailers, door to door campaigns etc. please let us know. We have a fundraising page set up on Facebook and would be happy to add you to that group.

We have a few events planned. On November 19th the Easter Seals will have a truck at the pool. We need to STUFF THAT TRUCK! We will also be having an 80's Prom at Williams on the Lake in February.

We need lots of people to help with fundraising so please let us know. Ideas are always welcome but we need people :)

Also, due to a computer glitch we realized our early bird special did not go out to the entire membership. We are now extending that through October 24th. You can download the forms from the website. Just fill out the first and last from and place it in the mailbox with your check. The early bird is $275 for a family. All forms must be received by October 24th.

Please join our Facebook page for all the latest updates !

Falling Oaks Swim Club.

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