Falling Oaks Swim Club - Pool Rules

Pool Rules

Falling Oaks Swim Club Rules

(Members of Swim Club and their guests are subject to all Rules and Regulations)

General Rules

  • Only persons wearing proper bathing clothes will be permitted in the swimming pools
  • Failure to comply with verbal instructions of pool personnel will result in dismissal from the pool area
  • Deep water swimming restrictions (based on swimmer’s ability) are established by pool personnel
  • Non swimmers with floats are not allowed past the 5 foot rope
  • Infractions of any rules will result in disciplinary measures up to or including permanent dismissal. In the case of children, reprimand forms will be issued and parents required to sign them.

Admittance & Personal Safety

  • As defined by Article II of Swim Club By-Laws, the pool shall only be used by members except as noted in the Rules and Regulations
  • The pool will be open Memorial Day weekend and remain open through Labor Day, barring acts of nature or maintenance related issues. Hours of operation during this period will be, but not limited to:
    • School days 3-6 pm
    • Monday – Friday Noon-5 pm and 6-8 pm
    • Saturday/Sunday Noon-8 pm
  • The pool will be closed whenever weather conditions dictate (discretion of Operations Director and Head Guard)
  • All members and non-members (guests of members) must check in with the gate duty attendant upon entering the pool area
    Only adults (18 yrs or older) are allowed in the pool during the 15 minute breaks. NO EXCEPTIONS! Children must remain behind the blue line during breaks
  • Children under the age of 9 years old are not permitted past the entrance gate unless accompanied by an adult or responsible person (at least 12 years old) who must be present in the same area as the child and be watching at all times
  • Children over 6 years old are not permitted in the baby pool
  • Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to enter the immediate pool deck area
  • Persons having communicable diseases will be refused admittance
  • Food must be consumed on the decks or grassy areas

Glass containers are strictly prohibited

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited

Personal Conduct & Property Restrictions

  • Running, rough play, sitting/standing on another’s shoulders, pushing, dunking, wrestling, or other acts of rowdiness are prohibited
  • Noodle-like water canons, or similar devices, are prohibited
  • Spitting, spouting of water, clearing of the nose or throat is prohibited in and around the pool area
  • The use of profane language is strictly prohibited
  • No member shall engage in conversation with a lifeguard, while the lifeguard is on chair duty, except for pool-related business
  • All trash must be disposed of in proper containers
  • No climbing is permitted on any fencing, deck railings, or other structures
  • Members and guests shall not trespass on the property of surrounding home owners
  • Any member or guest found defacing or abusing the pool area and surrounding property (the building or its contents) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and held responsible for all damages
  • The Swim Club is not liable for the loss of personal property


  • One person Only is allowed on the Diving Board at any time
  • No flotation devices may be used off the Diving Board
  • Allow the previous diver to clear the area prior to your dive
  • All diving and jumping must be in the direction parallel to the sides of the Diving Well
  • Excessive bouncing on the Diving Board is prohibited
  • Swimming in the Diving Well is restricted to Divers only
  • No Flip Dives are permitted
  • Diving is permitted in specified areas of the pool
  • No floats are permitted in the Diving Well

Guest Privileges

  • Guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring Falling Oaks member
  • The sponsoring Falling Oaks member is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests
  • All guests must register at the check in gate with their accompanying Falling Oaks members before entering the pool area
  • Guest fees of $7.00 per person are paid to Gate Duty Attendants by cash or check payable to Falling Oaks
  • Babysitters are free when accompanying a child of a member family
  • A guest may only visit up to 3 times a year

We are a non-profit swim club and social organization.